Titans Cease Operations

(PR) Princeton, NJ – The ECHL and Trenton Titans announced on Tuesday that the Trenton Titans have ceased operations and the team will not compete in the 2013-2014 season.

The last 14 seasons have seen numerous great players and moments, including several playoff appearances and a Kelly Cup title in 2005. Trenton also has had the privilege of working with many great NHL franchises, such as the New Jersey Devils and the current affiliate in the Philadelphia Flyers. These relationships were vital in the growth of Trenton hockey.

Most importantly the team would like to thank the fans for their support over the last 14 seasons. The Trenton organization fully intends to reimburse our loyal season ticket holders for their 2013-2014 season tickets. In the next couple of weeks there will be more information on how that process will proceed.

Again we would like to thank the fans, the community and our partners for their support. You are the reason the Trenton organization and Titans Nation were a strong and vital part of the ECHL and the New Jersey community in particular.


15 Responses to “Titans Cease Operations”

  1. Jack Lee Says:

    They should also pay their players what they owe them!

  2. Jay Says:


  3. RJ Says:



  4. BOB T Says:

    Yes I did there RJ…on February 23 rd to be exact in response to a knowitall “wise guy” LBS….my exact post that day…….

    “Here’s a word for you LBS…remember it……”DEFUNCT”

    No money, no advertising, nobody in the seats, no COACH, no wins…..END OF A SAD, PREDICTABLE story….

  5. Bob T Says:

    Lol. What a joke, even as a defunct, closed hockey club…..they are still so thin skinned they’re shutting down negative comments about how shoddily this high schoolish operation was run from the get go
    …too funny

  6. Bob T Says:

    And also..
    .THE LEAGUE closed down this franchise.
    ..not the group…

    Call the league Mike…they’ll tell you ALL about it…..

  7. Benni Hanna Says:

    For those of us who didn’t track Bob T’s comments about a defunct call can you please re-post.


  8. Bob T Says:

    Archive Feb. 23 posts….Defunct actually bad call….because they were BOOTED from the league by the ECHL.
    ..so if there ever is anyone that wants to try again here…they’ll have to pay an expansion fee…not likely….

  9. Benni Hanna Says:

    Why do you think the league closed the franchise? There’s obviously another underlying story here to be told.

  10. Benni Hanna Says:

    A very telling comment from the league:
    “We’d like to see something back here in the future. At this point, however, it would have to be for the 14-15 season or beyond. But a year or two without hockey might not be the worst thing for the market.”

    For the life of me I can’t imagine how not having hockey for a few years, after experiencing the train wrecks of the last few seasons, can be beneficial.

  11. Bob T Says:

    “No longer a member in good standing with the ECHL.” Was the phrase used twice when I spoke to a rep from the league about the Trenton situation today…you read whatever you want to into that…….

  12. TitansZeroFunds Says:

    I just have a really strong feeling the team has no money left. Not even the money to repay next STH’s. If they had the money to give back, why haven’t they done it already?

    This team has gone completely silent and the DUMBASSES on Titans Talk that shit talk them all season are choosing now they want to support the team.

  13. Benni Hanna Says:

    It’s pretty obvious what the rep meant. The real question is where does the blame belong?

  14. BOB T Says:

    From day one…the Trenton Titans were the “CHECKS IN THE MAIL” organization….can’t run a franchise like that…..you’re either “ALL IN” and do it right…or don’t be in at all…..all I can say to those who bought 13-14 season tickets..(my friend did and I vehemently told him not to)……good luck, you’re gonna need it….and I love how on the Titans web page, people put constructive, sometimes critical reasons they thought this thing went bad, and genuinely were expressing their sadness and anger about how this all happened…..and the next day they were all taken down…guess the NATION”S opinions don’t count, when they’re not rah, rah, sis, boom, bah !!!
    In a nutshell…2 years NO CASH,NO ADVERTISING AT ALL,NO COACH, NO DIRECTION, like a traveling Snake Oil salesman show……….
    Call the main man to let him know how you feel….oooops…he changed his phone number……

  15. Domish13 Says:

    I heard yesterday that they have to use the performance bond money to pay off their outstanding debts, so the franchise is dead. Highly unlikely that another ECHL team will be in Trenton anytime soon. Time to watch more Princeton hockey.

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