Game 61: Real, Live Actual Post-Game Notes

— Hey, remember when I actually used to do real post-game notes?  It was fun to actually have the time to do that instead of posting a video from the team.  Well, the game went along pretty quickly, the guys came into the interview room pretty fast and I got home at a halfway decent time.  So, here they are…actual post-game notes.

— First off and very much so foremost, the Titans will have a big transaction unfold before tomorrow’s game.  I hate to hide information, but I want to hold off so as to not to jeopardize the move until it’s official.  But I did speak to the player involved and will have a full story on here as soon as it can go live.  Apologies for how vague that is and it being a tease.

— I’ll have plenty of good stuff in my game story in The Trentonian, which you can read here.  But there was also a lot of other info to come out of tonight…

Vince Williams on his team’s big third period: “We got better as the game went on, and that’s going to roll into tomorrow.  We’ll be better tomorrow.”

Williams on his team’s best stretch since mid-December: “We finally have some continuity, but that takes time.  I look at the changes and getting guys to play the right way and being able to have some chemistry…some guys have really stood out to us.  I thought our power play is doing great…our 5-on-5 play and generating offense, we have to reel in the fact that with Ullrich and Bohmbach and Harper back, our skill does goes up.  We just don’t want to abandon what got us to that point.”

Williams on being 11 points out with 11 games left: “We just have to take it one game at a time.  Guys are in a good mood, we’ve had a good mood for a while.  Guys are competing hard and battling.  We’re worrying about Wheeling tomorrow, and we’ll keep going.”

Williams on evaluating trade deadline moves: “Part of it was trying to honor a deal with South Carolina with Ullrich…I don’t foresee Ryan coming back any time soon, and who knows with next year.  Trading for Duddy allows us a little protection.  He might not join us this year, it might be an opportunity for him if he wants to play next year.  But also, it allows us some flexibility and it shelters us when it comes to our final eight in our protected list.  It might look like it’s kind of a paper transactioon, but it does serve a purpose with us down the line…Baker, it’s an opportunity for him to get a chance to play.  It’s been a tough year, he’s been around a lot of places.  He didn’t really get the right opportunity with the right makeup here for the skill set and the type of player that he is.”

Williams on possibly adding college players starting Monday: “There’s going to be guys, but right now we have the ability to bring in one guy right now.”

Blake Kessel on getting a quick start in the second period: “It was really big.  We had a tough first period there, we weren’t bearing down on pucks and we were kind of overskating and missing some hits and some plays.”

Kessel on his development as a defenseman, including becoming more responsible defensively and jumping into the play more offensively: “That’s kind of been my game for a while now, it’s just trying to fine-tune it. I’ve been lucky enough to have some good coaches along the way in the last six to eight years here, and they’ve helped develop that a little bit.  You see it throughout the year, you see it watching some of the older guys too.  If the coaches notice something, they say something.  It’s more fine-tuning than anything else.”

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