What The Sock? Nagy Switches Gear After Second Close Call

nagyAs Great White so eloquently put it: Once bitten, twice shy.  But there will be no third time for Kory Nagy (pictured).

After twice getting cut by a skate blade near his Achilles tendon — the second of which happened this season — the one-time Devils farmhand made the change to cut-proof Kevlar socks.  On the heels of ghastly injuries to Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson and Winnipeg’s Zach Redmond, it’s a choice that’s even more of a no-brainer now than it was then.

Nagy recalled his second brush with a season-ending or perhaps even career-ending injury before Friday’s tilt against the Elmira Jackals.

“It was the first shift of the first game of the year, and we went into the boards,” said Nagy of the October incident.

“I just bumped the guy, and I don’t know, he pushed off me I guess, and he caught me…the doctor said it was an inch above my Achilles.  I got really lucky.  I just felt warm, and I didn’t even know it was cut, and then I went to the bench and had seen my sock was cut.  I told (trainer) Scott Stanhibel, and he was like, ‘Yeah, we’ve got to get you checked out.’  It was a pretty nasty gash; the doctor said I got pretty lucky.”

Before that, Nagy said, he just wore standard socks.  But after that, he purchased a pair of cut-proof, Kevlar socks from Tuff-N-Lite Hockey as well as wrist guards.  From now on, Nagy said he’s going to play it safe, and doesn’t understand why not only anyone playing pro hockey wouldn’t follow suit, but why anyone playing hockey at all wouldn’t.

“I can’t find any reason,” he said.  “The socks don’t feel any different, they’re unreal.  They’re a little expensive, I guess maybe that’s a reason, or guys don’t know about them.  But, I for sure would recommend it to anybody’s that’s playing hockey.”

There is perhaps no greater danger on the ice to a player than the damage that a skate blade can do…highly publicized incidents involving Clint Malarchuk and Richard Zednik stand out for sure, but the list of players cut by skate blades is far longer than you may think.  The possibility of injury is always there, but according to Nagy, it isn’t something you really think about until it actually happens.  But perhaps, Nagy says, it’s something teams and leagues need to start thinking about more seriously as well.

“The teams need to figure it out and get the socks right off the bat.  It should be mandatory, I don’t see why it’s not,” he said.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


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