Game 54: Morning Skate Notes


Well, you certainly can’t say that Friday’s morning skate was uneventful. It’s about two hours after the fact, and the arena crew is still vacuuming glass shards off the ice from when Bryan Haczyk fired a puck and shattered a pane near the home penalty box…


Meanwhile, Eric Swanick was brought in to be the team’s emergency backup goaltender, but a trade has been completed to acquire someone who’d actually be able to give Scott Wedgewood a breather…you’ll likely get the name in a little bit when it’s official on both sides.

Either way, Wedgewood is starting, which will mark his 19th appearance in the last 22 games.  Meanwhile, Stephen Schultz, who hasn’t played since February 1 with concussion-like symptoms, did skate and is expected to play according to head coach Vince Williams.

Paul Cianfrini will be out for the weekend (lower body), and Doug Clarkson is still nursing a hand injury suffered in his impressive bout with Alexandre Beauregard.  Clarkson is “day-to-day,” but nothing is broken.  The same cannot be said for Beauregard, who may have suffered a broken cheekbone.  Mike Ullrich (back) is getting treatment, and is out a minimum of another week.  According to Williams, Ullrich made a cross-ice pass in Cincinnati and twisted his back…it did require a hospital visit at the time.

As for Williams himself, he’s certainly come under fire…so, with his second season coming to a close, I asked him his thoughts on his job security…this went about as swimmingly as I thought it would, but I had to ask.

“I don’t think about it,” he said.  “I worry about what we need to do here tonight.  That’s it.  We’ve got to prepare for a game.  If I start worrying about stuff like that…I worry about what I can control, and what I can control is how we play tonight.”

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