Devils Send Down Three; Ullrich Placed On Reserve, Baker Bounced


For much as grief as Vince Williams gets, imagine the somehow even bigger hole this team would be if he wasn’t able to procure players from the Devils organization.  Well, with Trenton again shorthanded, Albany head coach Rick Kowalsky — you may remember him from such films as “Remember That Time I Won a Kelly Cup in Trenton” and “I Coached Your Team For A Few Years” — has loaned the team defenseman Harry Young (pictured), forward J.S. Berube and forward Kelly Zajac.

Yes, that’s DEFENSEMAN Harry Young, and yes that’s the same Harry Young who just played against Trenton two weeks ago with Kalamazoo.  The experiment to move the 6-foot-4, 225 pounder up front seems to be over, and he’ll be back on the blue line for the Titans, perhaps filling in for Paul Cianfrini, who’s been in a walking boot.

As for Berube and Zajac, they’re both back in Trenton, and will take the spots of Doug Clarkson — who has a cast on his hand — and either Andy Bohmbach, who is still with AHL Abbotsford, or Mike Ullrich, who was placed on reserve today.  Ullrich suffered an off-ice back injury — no truth to the rumor it came from carrying the team — and had been outstanding for the Titans, posting a gaudy 8-7-15 line in 14 games.

bakerIn addition, the Titans released the well-traveled Kevin Baker (left).  Trenton was Baker’s fourth ECHL stop this season, and after a strong showing with the San Francisco Bulls, he hasn’t been able to match his production there anywhere else.  He scored just one goal with the Titans in seven games, and was a minus-8.

As for Bohmbach, who didn’t register a point and was a minus-1 in his debut with the Heat last night, his days in Abbotsford may come to an end sooner rather than later.  Calgary called up former ECHL’er Akim Aliu from Abbotsford today, but sent down both Roman Horak and Blair Jones, meaning that the Heat now have the extra forward they didn’t when they brought Bohmbach in.

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3 Responses to “Devils Send Down Three; Ullrich Placed On Reserve, Baker Bounced”

  1. RJ Says:

    DEVILS help….FLYERS help…blah, blah….you guys bickering on here just solidifies one thing that will always ring true in Minor League Hockey….DUAL AFFILIATIONS NEVER, EVER WORK !! Someone is going to be unhappy…and the un happy party here is the Flyers, whether you like them or not..and honestly I think they have a legit beef…..They sent nice players here to start..Akeson, Noebels, Slater, then Johnston (who was sent out by the team the next nite after being concussed, if you were the Flyers would you be happy about that?) Mangene, Harper, Konan all legit ECHL players and Kessel & Hostetter who have struggled….the goalies had no shot to play because the Titans decided to cast their lot with Wedgewood (and he’s a pleasure to watch and a future star, but if your the Flyers you know that your goalie that you sent to your “affiliation” is not going to get the playing time, experience that you would like)…the Flyers obviously became frustrated with how their players were being utilized, whether rightly or not…..and have pulled the plug… earlier post on here by someone said “after this year when the Titans send the Flyers packing”…well by their complete pulling out other than Hostetter of their players after the lockout, honestly the Flyers by their actions have sent the Titans “packing”…and that’s sad, because let’s agree on one thing…the only shot the Titans had to rebuild this franchise was to brand themselves with the Flyers BECAUSE we already know by fact, that the Devils thing ain’t cuttin’ it in the Delaware Valley/Mercer area….AND THAT”S A PROVEN 5 YEAR FACT….so it’s sad, because I don’t see how this franchise can survive with just constant losing and a 3/4 empty building….

    Devils, Flyers, Rangers, Nordiques, BlackHawks help or not helping doesn’t make a difference, BOTTOM LINE……Pathetic dreadful year 2011-12 and currently 13th in the conference with a roster that towers over last years…..So whomevers HELPING….not HELPING too much…changes need to be made

  2. lbs Says:

    Comical. Ask Bakersfield, Wheeling and every other team the Flyers have pulled the plug on. Better yet it will be great when the Titans go in a different direction next year, hopefully the Flyers land with someone in our divison.

  3. BOB T Says:

    Here’s a word for you LBS……remember it……..DEFUNCT…….

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