Bye Bye, Bohmbach…And Backup Badly Needed

According to the Titans coaches show, Trenton captain Andy Bohmbach has signed a deal with the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat.  This marks the second call-up for Bohmbach this season, who had previously earned a one-game stay with the Worcester Sharks.

The 25-year-old had posted 20 goals and 21 assists in 45 games for the Titans this season, but missed several weeks after suffering a concussion and did not appear to quite back to normal in recent contests.  However, the loss of Bohmbach is still big for a team that is still without Stephen Schultz and Mike Ullrich, and certainly doesn’t help with any thoughts of a playoff push.

Neither has running Scott Wedgewood into the ground.  The Devils prospect has now appeared in 18 of the team’s last 21 games, largely in part of Niko Hovinen’s stint of being sick and subsequently released and Cal Heeter’s suspension, which was followed by a call-up to the AHL.  The team has used an emergency backup goaltender for a while, but head coach Vince Williams said after Monday’s matinee that situation might be changing shortly…

“Four games in five nights (for Wedgewood), talk about a warrior,” Williams said.

“He could end up playing over 50 games by the end of the year if we don’t get anybody back soon.  We’ll look to alleviate a little bit off of him.  We’re trying to get another goalie in here…it’s tough to find a guy that’s actively playing that can play that gives you a chance to win.  I’ve looked at a lot of options.  We probably had one pretty close that fell through last minute, and I thought we had one last night.”

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5 Responses to “Bye Bye, Bohmbach…And Backup Badly Needed”

  1. LBS Says:

    Clarkson wearing a cast on his hand and Cianfrini who falls into the who cares category wearing a boot on his foot,

    The wheels are officially off this years trainwreck.

  2. Bob T Says:

    Need a goalie Vince?? Why don’t you give your pals Rick and Lou a call see if they can help you out with a goalie or more with their players that are strewn all over the landscape of the ECHL because they don’t go for salt and have no one affiliation….see if they can help out this as they say in every press release “proud affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers” ask Lou if he can hunt down Myles Stoesz for ya’, he was a good soldier last year and gave 100% for you last year when he got sent down to you…..Lou will help you out Vince give him a buzz and don’t lose his number……you’re gonna need it about mid-April…….

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Thankfully they will send the flyers packing after this season.

    Remind me again how good Kessel and Hostetter are. How about the Flyers goalie and forwards down here, they’re fine, right?

    Without Wedgewood this team is dreadfully worse. ANY help we’ve gotten has been from Rick.

    This coming from a guy that hates both the Flyers and Devils.

  4. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    @BobT Your line stating that the Devils have players “strewn all over the landscape of the ECHL” is pure ignorance isnt it? Who do they have on other teams?

    1. Harry Young (Was sent to us first, we didnt want/have space for him @ F at the time. Sent to KWings)
    2. Clermont (We got the better Devils guy in Wedge, and we had what we thought was a reliable guy from Flyers in Hovinen. Hence no room & sent to Elmira)

    Devils have sent us the following players during this season
    1. Wedge
    2. Haczyk
    3. Berube
    4. Desimone
    5. Mckelvie
    6. K. Zajac
    7. Carrier
    8. Young*

    Soooo 8 Players to Trenton, and uh…1 of which was later sent elsewhere and another a Goalie we clearly could not have room on the roster for

  5. titansman Says:

    Now the Devils have been kind enough to send Trenton Berube, Zajac and Young. They seem to take better care of us than the Flyers.

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