Game 42: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — Titans lines are…




6:05 PM — As I told you yesterday, Cal Heeter starts in net.  Paul Lee is the only Titans scratch, meaning Trenton is technically dressing nine forwards and seven D…but Aaron Schmit, who returns to the lineup tonight, can easily play up front.

4:45 PM — The ECHL has announced that Paul Lee has been fined, but not suspended after his 5-minute major and 10-minute game misconduct for clipping last night.  In addition, Wheeling’s Zack Torquato has been suspended for tonight’s game.

2:45 PM — Got to the arena a little early so I can get some work done in preparation for the 2013 AHL All-Star Game.  I’ll be covering the event for and The Hockey News, and leave right after the game to head out to Providence, RI.  Should be a fun time, and I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter for updates from the skills competition and game.

As for the ECHL…well, there’s still a Titans game for me to cover tonight.  And there’s still a few things for me to get to from last night as well.  Did anyone watch Cheap Seats when it was on ESPN Classic?  Was one of my favorite shows…and they always used to have a “What Got Cut” segment.  Well, there are always going to be a few things that get cut out of the Titans post-game interview video — sadly, whenever I ask an exceptionally stupid question, that seems to stay in — so here are a few comments you didn’t get to see/hear/read from yesterday’s 4-3 OT win.


“I think (Lee) was trying to get out of the way, I don’t think he was trying to submarine him.  It was five minutes for clipping, I didn’t know there was a clipping.  I thought that was in football.  But I didn’t think he submarined him or ducked, I thought he was trying to roll off the hit a little bit, and I guess it was a delayed reaction.  The ref turned back and saw him laying down and then he put his hand up, I was watching him.”

“(Pallis) is geting good opportunities.  We’re putting him in good positions to be successful and utilize him, but he’s getting shots off.  He’s a got a good shot, and I don’t think he shoots the puck enough.  But he’s been clutch.  Pretty much two similar goals in similar spots.  He’s getting confidence.”

“We brought in Langlais.  We were going to put (Schmit) up front, but we have seven defensemen right now and we got an opportunity.  It wasn’t anything he did, he’s been good and he’s been solid.  With Baier coming back and Langlais, we wanted to bring that element and take a look at him as well.  We want to see what we got, and I thought he made some good plays.  He’s a pretty slick little defenseman there.  Everyone’s on board whether they’re in or not.  We just wanted to see a different look.”

“(Todd) is a big guy.  He got in on the redeye, and I said, ‘If you don’t feel up to it, there’s no pressure.’  But I like him, I think he’s got a good stick.  He’s smart, he goes to the net.  There’s a lot of upside there.  He’s another guy who hasn’t found his niche.  Reading had a tough lineup to crack at the beginning of the year…I like what I saw so far.”


“We were moving it around pretty good, and got them moving.  They eventually kind of tired out and I saw two of their guys were in front of their goalie, so I don’t think he ever really saw the shot.  I just kind of wanted to shoot.  I was kind of tired of passing it around, so I put one on net and things happened.”

“(PK) I think we just play our system well, everybody works hard and everybody wants to block a shot.  Everyone just does their role, working hard, stops and starts.  I think it just boils down to the character in the locker room.”

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