Ex-Titan (Sort Of) Beauregard Makes Immediate Impact In Elmira

beauregardThe third time was the charm for Alexandre Beauregard.  After getting let go by the Titans without playing in a game, and then released by the South Carolina Stingrays following 16 games without lighting the lamp, the 21-year-old finally tallied his first professional goal in his first game with the Elmira Jackals on Monday afternoon.

His third period marker turned out to be the game-winner, and may have bought him another opportunity in the ECHL.

“It’s my first year pro, so you never know what’s going to happen…but this is more my style of team,” Beauregard said.

“Tonight, I played a good game with (Darren) Kramer, who is the same kind of player as me.  So I think this will be a good fit for me.”

The St-Jerome, Quebec native said that his goal will put less pressure on him for the next few games…but even getting into a game wasn’t a luxury that the Titans could afford when he was with them.  A re-occuring ankle injury had him on the 21-Day IR, and there simply wasn’t room for him when he was ready to play.

Beauregard said that while he loved his experience in Trenton and would love to go back someday, he seems to have already found a role with his new team.

“I think I’ll be on the third line or the tenth forward.  I’m a third line player anyway, I can score goals sometimes and just bring energy to the team by being physical.”

And, after some doubts, Beauregard showed everyone else…and perhaps himself as well that he’s able to hang with the big boys in the ECHL.

“Today was a good game for me,” he said.  “It shows me that I’m able to play in this league.”

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One Response to “Ex-Titan (Sort Of) Beauregard Makes Immediate Impact In Elmira”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Good for him, he’s a nice kid, a shame he never got a chance here..I wondered why they didn’t snatch him up when he went on waivers from SC…, they were seriously short of bodies then,,,but they got Ullrich and Tamblyn, and they both played very well this weekend…Ullrich was good both nights and Tamblyn was VERY GOOD yesterday (might have slightly been a product of fresh legs at the end of a 3 in 3 weekend)…two good signings…they need pro D men but I’m hearing the CHL guys that could play in this league are asking for jacked up money to come here, basically holding teams up without a gun because they know because of the end of the lockout teams are seriously desperate for help because of the call ups..Look, Gentry Zollars might be a nice kid, but he CAN”T play in this league and it’s painful to watch out there like a deer in headlights, but Titans are in a tough spot there is just no one out there, and the ones who legitimately could play in the ECHL and help, just are asking ridiculous money to sign and come here…..

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