Game 40: Pre-Game Notes

3:35 PM — Well…it was going to be a 3 PM start.  A strobe light malfunction in the arena set off a fire alarm, and two TFD trucks were outside the arena…so were the fans, who were not allowed to re-enter the building until around 3:25 after a nearly hour-long evacuation.

Anyway…Scott Wedgewood and Michael Houser are again your starting goalies.  Niko Hovinen, who is legitimately sick, was not listed on the official line chart as the backup, but is on the ice.  Corey Tamblyn is in the lineup with Bohmbach out.

Lines are…




2:10 PM — Had somebody ask me about this, so I’ll address it as much as I’m going to address it here…Niko Hovinen was not made available to the media last night.  My questions about Hovinen and Bohmbach to head coach Vince Williams were edited out of the video made available by the team as well, but they were asked.  Williams didn’t offer much when asked about Hovinen, and said he hadn’t spoken to the trainer yet in regards to Bohmbach.

2:00 PM — Only thing I can tell you right now is it doesn’t look like Andy Bohmbach is expected to play…no other news as of now.

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