Game 35: Post-Game Notes

— So, my game story in The Trentonian has quotes from Vince Williams, Andy Bohmbach and Ryan Hayes…which doesn’t sound any different than what I might have written a few weeks ago or even last season.  But while the first two remain Titans staples, it was Hayes’ late game-winning goal in his return to Trenton that gave the Stingrays a 3-1 win.

The following are some quotes that you won’t see in the paper from Williams, Bohmbach or Hayes…but in all honesty, as it should be, the best stuff is probably in print.


“It wasn’t tough (getting traded), I kind of knew it was coming with the numbers game.  If they could go back two weeks, they’d probably say we need numbers now.  But, they had a lot of Flyers guys and a lot of guys that needed to play, so I knew it was going to happen.”

“It’s really good (in SC).  Definitely, the weather is a little better than Trenton (laughs).  It’s nice, everything’s been going well.  And we’ve been winning a lot of games, so that’s always nice too.”

“It’s all good feelings (with Trenton).  I like everybody on that team, and there’s no hard feelings, it’s just a game.  I want to win every time I’m out there.”


“(The ice) was slow, but you can’t really use that as an excuse.  We’ve just got to battle through that and play smarter and play a little bit more simple if the ice is bad.  You don’t try to do too much.”

“(The goal) we were on the power play, and we turned it over in their end and I was up high and I read that the D was going to go back to his partner, and I stepped in, read it, picked it off and kind of had an empty net.  I just saw it and read it and jumped on the opportunity.”

“It’s difficult (gelling with a largely overhauled roster), we only had a practice or two with them, but that’s just the nature of this league.  Guys come and go every single night, so we can’t really use that as an excuse.  The guys that have been here need to help those guys and communicate with them and help them on the ice.”


“The one new kid that stood out was Schmit.  He was physical, kept it simple.  We haven’t had a lot of time to work with them, we had five D back there tonight.  But no one really…the guys need work.  You’re throwing them right into the fire here and they haven’t had a lot of practice time at all.  We had one practice as a group this week.  It’s just some little things with the pro game that these guys need to learn, and they’re learning as they go.”

“We weren’t bad defensively once we got into some battles, but there were some opportunities where we could have won the hockey game by just bearing down and getting inside on Zapolski and getting some more net presence.”

“The ice wasn’t good at all, it was terrible.  It was bad and slow, and you could see the puck sticking and people’s skates literally stopping.  It’s not an excuse, but the ice didn’t help.  There’s no question that the (post-lockout ending) pace was a little bit different, and it’s going to be.  It’s more of an execution, cleaner breakouts and being able to go more north-south (now).  But we don’t help ourselves by circling too much and vacating as well.”

“(Goggin) struggled, he really struggled.  This is a good opportunity here, and he struggled.  A couple other guys…there are some guys that, your expectations, you’re asking a lot.  One guy is reporting to (Army) Ranger camp tomorrow, kids are coming out of the Central League and the Southern Pro League, and it’s their first game with us.  We need some teaching…it doesn’t help when you’re getting pressured with the puck and there’s nobody to give it to.”

“We’ve got to do a better job getting inside (tomorrow) and getting a little more traffic in front of Zapolski.  He’s a good goalie, we saw it the last time we were down there and obviously the numbers speak for themselves.  We’ve got to get pucks to the net, come back to our lanes and play north-south hockey.  We have to get away from circling and not supporting the puck.”

“This (roster movement) is a lot in a sense that you roll back from October.  You went from one wave of bringing one group in to a wave of 18 new guys and then you go to the flip-flop before Christmas and then another flip-flop after Christmas and then you go through this, so essentially it’s four major overhauls.  But the good, core group of guys are here.  The hardest thing is replacing your back end…I can’t say I’ve gone through this.  I think we’ve probably been hit harder than anybody, and we could still lose 2-3 more guys by next week too.”

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One Response to “Game 35: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Darrel Says:

    Happy for a nice kid like Hayes, but a tough loss to swallow for a Titans fan. Rough game. Makes it thought to decide between hockey or watching football tonight. Sad to say.

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