Game 35: Pre-Game Notes

6:45 PM — Ryan Zapolski in net for South Carolna, backed up by Adam Morrison.

Titans lines are…




5:25 PM — Corey Tamblyn and Gentry Zollars will not play tonight, both are scratched.  Niko Hovinen starts in net.

But that’s not the news everyone seems to be buzzing about.

Pursuant to Playing Rule 74(b), the Titans have re-added defenseman Ray DiLauro and immediately placed him on the 21-Day IR.  I’m going to hold off on saying anything about this until I speak with Rich Lisk, but for anyone thinking that this means a return for DiLauro…no.

2:35 PM — So, my original plan was to come to the skate and, you know, meet half the team.  Having arrived here this afternoon instead of this morning, I now see why that wasn’t doable.  If you follow me on Twitter at mashmore98, you saw the picture, but there are new ads by the blue lines for Frontier Airlines and the Killarney’s ads in the corners that looked like something Shrek had vomited out are now far more legible.

The new/brought back players are, presumably, all available and are wearing the following jersey numbers

#3 Gentry Zollars
#5 Derrick Pallis
#15 Brad Peltz
#18 Corey Tamblyn
#33 Andrew Schmit

The game also marks the return for Ryan Hayes, who will wear #22 for South Carolina.  In four games for the Stingrays, he’s scored two goals and added one assist.  While many may second guess the trade, it was very clearly made at a different time than we’re in right now…there was a time, hard as it may be to believe, where Trenton had a stockpile of players.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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