Game 30: Morning Skate Notes

12:45 PM — Sorry these are a little late, but I had to start the process of getting out to Reading as soon as I left the rink…

The big news, as you’ve seen by now, is the Titans trading Andrew Conboy (pictured) to the Cincinnati Cyclones in exchange for 23-year-old defenseman Paul Cianfrini.  Cianfrini, who had been playing for the Nailers, was acquired by Cincinnati as future considerations from a previous deal and then subsequently flipped to the capital city.

The 23-year-old has six assists in 19 games with Wheeling this season — he played last year with Toledo — but I’m told he has the capability to be a power play quarterback.

“We needed to address the back end and protect ourselves given the fact that we only had six defenseman here and Marcel (Alvarez) will be leaving,” Titans head coach Vince Williams said this morning.

“With the demand for defensemen right now in the league, it’s going to be tough to acquire a good defenseman the longer you wait.  Everything I’ve heard about Paul is that he’s solid and coachable, a good kid that just needs to find a home and fit in.  But to get something, you have to give up something.  We have an influx of forwards, and with the signing of Laliberte and the potetantial of getting more guys, it’s the nature of the business.  It’s a business decision based on what our needs are.”

Niko Hovinen will start in goal for the Titans tonight — Sergey Kostenko has to get one of these three games for the Royals, right? — and Justin Taylor and Alexandre Carrier will both be back in the lineup tonight.  Kelly Zajac, as had been the plan all along, will sit out the second game of the 3-in-3 as a precuationary measure to preserve his groin and a defenseman will likely sit as well, with Matt Mangene sliding back to the blue line.

“We’re looking to add some size and some grittyness on the road,” Williams said.  “We have the ability to make some adjustments.”

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7 Responses to “Game 30: Morning Skate Notes”

  1. Tom M. Says:

    Like that the team is being aggressive and forward thinking with player moves.

  2. Titans04 Says:

    Conboy was a complete bust a psuedo tough guy who caused way more harm than good. Interesting comment from Vinny “and the potential of getting more guys”. Taylor’s roster spot should be next. Alvarez has done a nice job, he hasn’t hurt them a bit. Too bad he’s leaving shortly.

  3. Bob T Says:

    Drewiske might be next after that stupid penalty he took with 2:33 left in a crucial 1-1 game..he had two games in a row to make his point with Wellar after he mugged Andy B….gotta pick a better spot and roster numbers aren’t in his favor

  4. Titans04 Says:

    Drewiske is Bohmbach’s buddy he’s not going anywhere especially before Taylor. Drewiske as a rookie has a very favorable cap hit as well. Agree he penalty was a bad one. He may get squeezed out of the lineup at some point but can’t see him being moved.

  5. BOB T Says:

    Bet you a coffee 04 that Drewiske goes before Taylor…..I like Drewiske, his face-off % is off the charts and I like that he stuck up for his teammate but horrible timing, and he plays hard…J. Taylor is a two-time 20+ goal scorer in this league (25 in 2010-11 in just 48 games!) guys like that just don’t fall in your lap….he’s younger, got the London Knights pedigree and coached up, a lot of upside, can’t see them letting him go before Drewiske……and like I said, I like what Drewiske brings to the table, but the Laliberte signing, I think, makes the numbers game tough for Drewiske…we’ll see…..Coffee bet??? LOL

  6. BOB T Says:

    One thing also from last nite…There is no way Andrew Johnston is anywhere CLOSE to 100% healthwise after watching him last nite..he was really laboring out there and I think he came back AGAIN from the concussion too early…..and I thought M. Mangene had a very strong game……get ’em tonite in Reading boys…and someone please push back on that 6’5″ NO-Talent, waste of space, Dustin Stevenson, tiring of watching him pushing our guys around and cryin’ to the ref all the time….give him a good face-wash with a real sweaty glove……………

  7. Titans04 Says:

    Sure you’re on. If you’re going to base any part of the decision on dumb penalties Taylor’s in big trouble right out of the gate. Penalties aside there’s too many forwards imo, if Haczyk is ready next week and Laliberte is in expected it gets even more crowded, I don’t think Magene does us any good as a defensemen although playing him there opens up a slot up front, Clearly the Devils don’t care if Carrier sits but I think he’s the exception. As I said I think Taylor goes and Dewiske is in and out at some point. IF the lockout ends things could be very different.

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