Game 26: Post-Game Notes

— I’m impressed.  That is, as can surely be evidenced by last Saturday’s game against the very same Elmira Jackals, the exact way that the Trenton Titans have been losing games.  The formula has been pretty simple…get lead, quickly lose lead, give up late goal that puts the game out of reach.

Well, this time the tables were turned.  And even though no one was there to see it, that didn’t take away from the emotion in the bowels of the arena after the Titans finally strung together two straight wins.

“I’m tired of answering questions about it,” joked head coach Vince Williams of his team’s struggles in back-to-back games.

“I thought it was a good character win, and another stepping stone for this young group of guys.  We had a couple breakdowns and some little battles where we could be better in front our net, but to come out and come back and get two points…it was a big step.”

— Justin Taylor can bring a lot to a team…and then there are times where he can be a bit of a detriment as well.  He reminds me a bit of the way Chaz Johnson used to play, where he’d play with an edge, but didn’t always seem to know when to stop.  Taylor got a 10-minute misconduct in yesterday’s game and is lucky he didn’t get tossed after seeming to push off of an official in order to get away from him.  He’s fortunate he didn’t put his team shorthanded, as he’s been prone to do lately, and is lucky if the league doesn’t take a look at the incident.  It was nothing…but you also can’t get in the habit of putting your hands on officials.

— Phil DeSimone was a non-factor through the first two periods.  I barely noticed him…so, to some extent, it was good to see that he didn’t seem to disagree with that assessment through the first 40 minutes.  The last 20, however, were a different story.

DeSimone played a big role in the third goal with strong play on the puck, and showed some nice skill on the game-tying tally as well.  He had spent the entire season up in Albany to date, and coming to Trenton was never a thought in his mind.

“It was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing,” DeSimone said.  “I hadn’t played in a while, and they were going down to Norfolk and thought that I should get some games and some playing time to get back to used to playing games.  It’s probably a good thing.”

I asked DeSimone if he expected this to be a long-term stay, and he said he wasn’t sure.  I asked next: “Hopefully not?”

“Whatever happens, happens,” he said with a smile.

— Where would this team be without Scott Wedgewood?  There were a few defensive breakdowns by the Titans — you could argue that their biggest weakness remains their D core — but their goalie was there to bail them out with several huge saves, including two breakaway stops on the talented Jean Bourbeau.

— Tyler Hostetter left the game early with a lower-body injury after blocking a shot.  He did travel on the road.

— Trenton may add a veteran, free-agent forward shortly after the Christmas break.  If that is the case, a move would likely have to be made with the wealth of talent they seem to have up front.

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One Response to “Game 26: Post-Game Notes”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Agreed Mike, I like Justin Taylor, he had a beautiful deflection goal during the homestand, he can play…….but he’s gotta give up on the bad Steve Ott impersonation. I like aggressive, in your face players that step up for their teammates, but the last couple of games he’s gone seriously overboard…as far as that veteran forward, I wish that Jim McKenzie was still here, I know n umbers game got him outta here at the time they traded him, but if he had anything left in the tank, he would be perfect now….a good, veteran locker room presence….

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