Game 26: Pre-Game Notes

6:10 PM — DeSimone will wear #16 for the game, not 34.  Lines are as follows…




5:15 PM — Matt Mangene was also activated from bereavement leave…and Schultz was, in fact, put on reserve.

4:25 PM — Andrew Johnston has been assigned to Adirondack…which is interesting given that Williams made it pretty clear he wasn’t ready to play.  My guess is that they needed the reserve spot for Stephen Schultz, and the Phantoms can accommodate Johnston without issue.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Game 26: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Good win, albeit against a shorthanded Elmira team with only 5 defenseman (they really missed Ben Blood, he’s a big prescence back there)but it ended up being evened up by Hostetter’s obvious injury (and that’s a shame because his game was getting better with VW starting to give him serious minutes and showing some confidence in him)….Mangene’s ability to step to the back end helped even though he had some shaky moments, but it’s been a tough week personally for him, so give him an A for effort…
    A good win as I said and with these 2 upcoming games on the road very winnable against Evansville & Fort Wayne, winning those two or getting 3 of the 4 points would set up a monster 3 game set with Reading where this team could vault up the conference….
    That being said this team has a gaping hole on the back end, the Titans NEED to get a defenseman with some SIZE that can clear the middle, some kind of physical presence in front of the net..I think they’re that one type of player away from being a really good team, they have the goaltending, they have skilled forwards and a good mix of solid 2 way guys like Slater and Drewiske…They need that help on the back end……and I have to say Alvarez has played pretty well, SAFE and SMART…..should be an interesting next week and a half in Titans Nation, they can make some hay here…………


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