Game 23: Post-Game Notes

— It wasn’t the prettiest of wins, but it was a win. And for all the talk of how well the Titans played on their road trip without coming away with two points, that’s all that really matters. My game story in The Trentonian is here (with a little clicking)…based on which edition you buy, you’ll see the version without quotes or the second edition story that’s online.

— We spoke with Vince Williams, Scott Wedgewood, Justin Taylor and Kelly Zajac after the game…the “it’s late, let’s keep this quick” abbreviated version of post-game quotes follows:


“Last weekend was probably one of the best weekends we’ve put together since the start of the year, so for guys it was more of a confidence building thing after that week was over. Even though we didn’t get the results we wanted, we knew that the way we played deserved better for us. Coming into this weekend, it was obviously the same thing.”

“It’s nice to be playing with a lead. Tails (Justin Taylor) had a great tip there, and the guys kind of took a little more responsibility in their own end, and that’s what you need to win. Defense wins hockey games, and today we played well in the third and got the two points for ourselves.”


“It’s just a lower-body injury. It’s nagging, and it’s coming along. Obviously, I haven’t played in a lot of games this year, so it takes time to heal. Hopefully, I can come back tomorrow.”

“The first (goal) was a 2-on-2, and it was a nice chip by Mangy (Matt Mangene) there up the boards. I saw Noebs (Marcel Noebels) going to the net, and I was going to feed him, but then I kind of cut in and he drew both D-men to him and I got a shot off. I was trying to go high, but the D-man hit my stick on the follow through there, so it ended up going low five hole, which was nice…every coach stresses that, you get your middle guy driving and draws the D-men back and it gives you open space. Noebs did a great job in doing that, he gave me a lot of room to cut across and he took the D-man with him, so that’s an easy play for me to get a shot off when he takes those D with him.”


“(Penalties) It was just a bump in front there, and I was trying to stir the pot a little bit. The helmet came off, and I felt like my hair was being pulled a little, and obviously that’s not going to make anyone too happy. But, I got the short (end of the) stick on that one. The second one, (I was by) their bench trying to stir up the pot and I ended up drawing one…but again, I didn’t really stop when I was told to. But I got them rattled a little bit, and every time I was out there, it seemed like they were worrying about me and what I was going to do, and it translated into a win for us.”

“When it comes down to it, I’m kind of a gritty guy who works best behind the goal line or going to the net and redirecting pucks. Hopefully things happen and D-men keep putting pucks in my direction and I can put them home.”

“(Coming from Kalamazoo) I think it’s a big adjustment…when you look at it, Kalamazoo’s system is night and day different from here. This affiliation runs from top to bottom the same system, whereas there they run things a little bit differently. System-wise, it’s man on man in Kalamazoo like most teams do through the league, and here it’s a little different where you want to keep guys contained and layered and every time they beat through one layer, you’re in a guy’s face. It makes things a little more difficult, and it seems we’re buying into that system now and it’s helping our D zone out a little bit.”


“I have to talk to Scott (Stanhibel, trainer about Zajac). I know he might have tweaked something. It might be a groin, but I’m not sure yet. He’s been great. Obviously, we want to make sure we’re smart about any decisions we make with him because it’s still early.”

“These guys (Elmira, tomorrow) forecheck hard. They’re one of the teams in this league that comes really hard, and their D pinch down the walls, but we need to come in and bring that razor physicality. Drewiske, Slater, Nagy, what those guys bring…and we’ll probably put a couple other guys in the lineup tomorrow to add a little size and grit. We’ve seen them enough, we know what we have to do against them. We have to battle, it’s going to be a battle.”

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One Response to “Game 23: Post-Game Notes”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Lotta, woulda, coulda, shoulda about last weekend….bottom line, this team is 13th in the conference with only Wheeling below them…..Enough with the excuses Vince, you got a win last night (not pretty, but workmanlike) TONIGHT”S GAME vs. Elmira is HUGE because if you get it done tonight, you face a team that just signed GENTRY ZOLLARS, and I gotta like our chances there, if they’re going that far to the bottom of the barrel…and that would give you a home 3 game winning streak and maybe move up a few notches…..BIG GAME TONIGHT………….

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