Titans Cut Ties With DiLauro

Titans captain Ray DiLauro was released today.

Titans captain Ray DiLauro was released today.

The message has been sent.

After some deliberation on what exactly to do with their declining captain, the Titans have outright released 33-year-old defenseman Ray DiLauro.  DiLauro, a Bensalem native, showed diminished skills this season and tallied seven points in 19 games.

Attempts to finding a trading partner were unsuccessful, with the market for a veteran defenseman who was commanding the type of salary that he likely was not what it used to be given the lockout.  To be clear, this wasn’t a salary dump, although the team will certainly benefit from having him off the books and is likely why they released him outright instead of placing him on reserve or if he were to get “injured.”  It also frees up a spot for a younger defenseman to play every night instead of being scratched, a la a Tyler Hostetter or Ryan Grimshaw-type.

This isn’t DiLauro — who I thought was always excellent to deal with from a media standpoint — going to Europe, this isn’t DiLauro clashing with Vince Williams, this isn’t some sort of behind the scenes thing.  This is the Titans sending a message — and it seems clear now that this is what Williams was referring to in his post-game comments to us after the latest debacle — that regardless of your status, everyone needs to be held accountable for their play.

Word around the league from people I’d spoken with was that — as one put it — DiLauro simply “couldn’t play anymore.”  Now, I’m not sure I agree with that assessment…I think that he’d be useful somewhere if it were the right fit.  But he certainly wasn’t what he was last season, a performance which may have been amplified by the relatively lower quality of talent around him in comparison to this year.  When he was given the kind of ice time this season that he got last year, the results simply weren’t the same.

Word is that there’s no immediate plan to replace DiLauro’s “C” on a full-time basis, although the candidates should be somewhat obvious if a replacement is to be named down the road.  Andy Bohmbach and Kory Nagy would both make strong captains, and I’d think Ian Slater is a darkhorse as well given his previous status as a collegiate captain and Williams’ affinity for his play.

Wherever DiLauro does end up, however…I wish him nothing but the best.  I know that, because of that, this was surely a difficult decision for the front office to make and one that, I can tell you as an absolute fact, was not easy for them to make.  Thought he was a class act with us, and would like to see him go out on his own terms.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


10 Responses to “Titans Cut Ties With DiLauro”

  1. Ron Rabel Says:

    Thanks for the story.

  2. Facewash21 Says:

    This is just ridiculous and plain dumb by the Titans. Ray was never on this team (or any other team) to put up good points. As a defenseman, getting good numbers is an added bonus. Ray is a hell of a good leader who stands up for his teammates. He lightens the mood in practice and during game day warm ups. Not to mention he takes some of the pressure off of young players who come down to Trenton. Perhaps Vince and Rich should lean MORE on the hotshot AHL guys down here to step up the point production. Yea, he might have lost a step since last year. But that’s the evolutionary process at work mixed with a bunch of AHLer’s down in the ECHL. Those ignorant people who feel that Ray can’t play are full of it. Even when he wasn’t at its best, he could still set up things on the PP with the cool little wrister he floats towards the cage that was a good candidate for a deflection. If this organization is so concerned with points, (and I hate to knock tough guys) Andrew Conboy was been starting on the first PP unit. He has 5 points and the potential to take penalties and flat out snap. The organization can play this any way they want by saying it was a hard thing to do and that entire BS. But it’s a crappy thing to do to “the face of the franchise”. I don’t get it..

  3. Bison54 Says:

    I agree completely with Facewash 21. There is more to being a contributing player than +/-, goals, and assists. Losing Ray, and especially in the way it was done (cutting him), will do nothing for the overall cohesiveness of the team. In fact, it will probably have a negative one. For all the things that he can do, including a lot of off-ice work, he deserved better – much better.

  4. Titans04 Says:

    Nice guy I wish him luck.

    That said tired of losing year after year, blow it up it can’t hurt at this point. Tired of good guys that lose way more than they win.

  5. BOB T Says:

    THE MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT….that has to be the funniest thing I have ever read in my life on the internet…..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that’s the #1 message……
    And what you see on the ice every night is because if the guy behind the bench can’t send any “MESSAGES” because the players know he has no clue, and they have know respect for him….NONE…..and that’s why you see what you see on the ice each night…..wait ’til this trainwreck goes into S.Carolina & Gwinnett and comes away with a goose egg….Let’s see what “MESSAGE” is sent then….I can’t believe this team is almost as dysfunctional as last years…..UNBELIEVABLE !!!

  6. BOB T Says:

    And Mike…please understand that my laughing at “THE MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT” is in no way a knock on you, I think you do a great job keeping us informed…..this is very frustrating watching what’s going on here…..and a question……do those same people around the league who said Ray D. “just can’t play anymore” I wonder what those same people think about the coach???

  7. Titans04 Says:

    So cutting your captain and the guy you built your entire marketing around all off season doesn’t send a message?

  8. BOB T Says:

    and in the lineup tonight….wearing #32…….MARCEL ALVAREZ !!!!
    cut your captain and start rollin’ in the FHLers……GOOD MESSAGE….

    CASH and nothing but……..just like last year…….LOL

  9. Rich Lisk Says:

    Bob T,

    Just to address your concerns. As I previously stated this move has nothing to do with money. As it pertains to Marcel Alvarez, Marcel was never an FHLer (not that the FHL is a bad thing). Marcel came to us from West Point where he played for Army. Do to his committment to the Army, Marcel cannot commit to playing full-time or he would have made the team out of training camp. We welcome Marcel to play with us any time that his schedule permits. Marcel, is a testament to hard work, character and hockey ability that we are looking for here in Trenton. The only problem I see (for the Titans) is that his country signed him before we could.


    Rich Lisk

  10. BOB T Says:


    I know Alvarez is from Army, and believe me I appreciate his service to our country, the FHLer thing was just a figure of speech, pertaining to the circus that was last year……..and please don’t tell me that last year wasn’t a circus…..I can only go on PAST PERFORMANCE Rich, and right now the things I see the last couple of days compare PAST PERFORMANCE wise, eerily to last year, and as a season ticket holder, I am completely frustrated and to be honest flabbergasted at the performance of this team this year….and we NOW all know that last year WAS about money and that created the circus of last year. The Ray D. thing, only dressing 5 defenseman that’s the kind of stuff we saw last year…….

    I would like to talk to you, I have so many questions about this club that I have invested my money, time and passion in. I’m very passionate about hockey and the teams I align myself with and I’ve been around the game a long time and I think having played, coached and being around the game for over 47yrs. I know a thing or two about the game. I get over zealous sometimes, I know that, but I’m distressed over seeing the same things over and over from this team and last year, granted, gets a pass…..but seeing the same thing this year I don’t think and I don’t think you think either is acceptable….and I’m going to say something about it…

    I think a golden opportunity for the Titans to get back to the glory days during this NHL lockout is being wasted, I have some ideas to run buy you in regards to season ticket holders and putting people in those seats and I have many questions about the Flyers affiliation and it’s effect on that..and Vince, well, we can have a cordial discussion about that too, if you want..

    Woody knows my number Rich, you and I spoke last year also about, basically the same thing, You can call me if you want, I’d welcome that call, or I can see you at the game Friday, I’ll be in the same seat I’m in every game as a LOYAL season ticket holder this year, last year and NEXT YEAR, god willing…..I’m a lifer, I love the game and I think I know when it’s not being played right and right now with this team, it isn’t……………..

    Thanks, Hope to hear or see you soon Rich, HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

    BOB T

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