Game 19: Post-Game AUDIO and VIDEO

Downloadable audio: Scott Wedgewood

Downloadable audio: Vince Williams

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Game 19: Post-Game AUDIO and VIDEO”

  1. LBS Says:

    Good news is the weather should be perfect so they can all play golf on their day off tomorrow. Granted they took today off as well but hey that’s becoming the norm on most game days. I know it’s early and no need to panic. Someone please tell me what is going to turn that sinking ship around, I don’t think wishful thinking is really a reliable foundation for it to happen. It hasn’t worked in 5-6 seasons.

  2. BOB T Says:

    “NO NEED TO PANIC” …..what??? ………you watchin’ this ill prepared, non directional, lifeless, same effort as last year, basically awful team…and you think there’s NO NEED TO PANIC??? this under achieving, lifeless team is a joke right now and with this road trip next weekend I cannot see anyway way that this doesn’t get worse in a big way…..This team needs a serious jolt and you and I both know what needs to be done here..It’s up to Mgmt. to stop with the excuses and lookin’ the other way and change the culture and accountability around here…..

  3. Viki Cummings Says:

    Could you send me the audios

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Mash Says:

    I think by now, the video posted covers everything…

  5. Sue Rabel Says:

    Thanks for posting the video

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