(PR) Wheeling, WV – One inch to the right, and it would have been a whole different story.

But in the end the Trenton Titans, proud ECHL affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers, didn’t get the bounce they were hoping for. And the last-second pressure they applied on the Wheeling Nailers wasn’t quite enough as the Titans fell, 3-2, in front of 1,876 at WesBanco Arena in Wheeling.

The loss is the second straight for the Titans, who fall to 7-9-0-1=15 (3-5-0-1 on the road), while the Atlantic Division rival Nailers improved to 5-8-2-1=13 points (5-2-1 at home).

Jacob Drewiske – in his first game back from injury since October 20 against Cincinnati – took a great feed in the lower-left circle after a deep rush from Ryan Grimshaw with five seconds to play. His one-timer beat Wheeling goalie Scott Darling (2-3, 19 saves) but ripped off the left post and into the corner to end the game.

Former Titans provided most of the Nailers’ scoring punch, as Luke Pither (G, GW assist), Matt Germain (A) and Peter Lenes (GWG) combined for four points.

Pither started the scoring at 14:06 of the first, when his deflection bounced off Titans goalie Scott Wedgewood (5-4, 28 saves), flipped over his shoulder and just crossed the goal line for a 1-0 Nailers lead.

Conner Goggin got the offense going for the Titans early in the second. His first professional goal was a beauty, as Ryan Hayes pulled up at the right point and let Stephen Schultz fly down the right wing. With the defense shifted, Hayes drifted into the right circle as Goggin flew into the zone through the slot. His one-timer beat Darling top-left corner to tie the game at 1-1 less than three minutes in.

Trenton then took a 2-1 lead at 16:42 of the period thanks to its scoring leader, Andy Bohmbach. The Big Easy sniped one top shelf from in tight as Schultz and Hayes added the helpers.

Any momentum was short-lived as Wheeling scored just 13 seconds later on a blast from the point by Carl Sneep to tie the game 2-2 through two.

Pither then set up the winner at 2:25 of the third with some forechecking work on the left wing. He worked the puck loose long enough to find Lenes – alone and racing in towards the right post to redirect it past Wedgewood for the eventual game winner.

Trenton rang three shots of the post in retaliation – including two in the final minute – but couldn’t quite break through in the end.

The Titans now head back home to face the Elmira Jackals in a two-game set this weekend, Saturday December 1 (7:05) and Sunday December 2 (3:05). Tickets are available for both games by calling (609) 341-1100, or online at


With the assist, Stephen Schultz now has a point in five straight games (G, 4A)

The teams combined to go 0-for-7 on the PP (TRE 0-4)

Trenton finished the month of November 2-7-0-1 (1-4-0-1 on the road)

The Titans are now 3-3-0-1 in one-goal games and are 1-8 when they don’t score first


8 Responses to “Sigh.”

  1. LBS Says:

    The trends here look all to familar and all signs are once again pointing to another season down the toliet. First they seem to find one excuse after another, watching the Webcast are sad at this point. I made the mistake of wasting money and buying the America One Feed last night (a joke in itself). Yes they hit the post with a few seconds left which was unfortunate BUT they again played like crap with little or no emotion for almost if not the entire game. There were literally two hits in the game, one apparently broke Haczyk in someway shape or form and the other Lenes ran over Wedgewood and guess what not a single Titan even shook their finger at him. NOTHING.

    IF anyone associated with this team takes solice in we almost tied it up they should be shot. ENOUGH with the after reviewing the tape we weren’t that bad and a few things here and there and the result would be different. They keep score for a reason folks and frankly that all that matters. The we’ll gettem’ next time is meaningless because frankly they rarely if ever do. It’s a 60 minute game and you can probably count on 2-3 fingers how many of those the team has played this season. More often than not they appear to be going through the motions. Lazy line changes, lazy turnovers.

    The hardest working guys on the team are nothing but grinders that would need the second coming of jesus to put the puck in the ocean, There are way to many guys that can’t score, look at the numbers – they don’t lie. Yes we know it’s early but there are no signs whatsoever things will be different this year – NONE. Someobody want to summarize all of the quiality players that we’ve been handed again by our affiliate? Ok I’ll do it:


    Guys that can’t even break into a already bad lineup, that’s what we’ve got. If the lockout ends we can only benefit because the rest of the teams around us will lose quailty players they’ve been handed. Sadly and more than likely we’ll still be saddled with most of ours.But hell I bet they’re all good guys. Yay.

    Thank god our good friends the Devils loaned us Wedgewood

    Our captain while a standup guy is so far past his prime it’s alarming. IF and when he gets to a puck he literally just throws it into an open area to be gathered up by the other team. Yet in the interviews he says we need to do this we need to do that, show some urgency well how about it starts with you? Love Bohmbach and Nagy (alhough as mentioned above you can only have so many guys that just don’t score) but could you possibly find three more passive guys in the league to wear letters? Kory does at least go balls out every shift. Of course we don’t see how they act “in the room” but again who cares, it’s what those of us that pay for tickets “see” game in and game out.

    Can someone explain to me exactly what the love affair is with Kevin Smith, can he score, does he hit? Can he turn this season around and save it from being like the rest of them? I’m guessing know.

    All signs are pointing to once again being able to bank that playoff ticket money.

  2. BOB T Says:

    Not SIGH… about………..YAWN……….with the lockout, this franchise had a GREAT opportunity to really make a splash…..BUT ‘ya wanna be loyal to the past, got a rudderless ship just floating and floundering……WITH NO DIRECTION, and it shows, night after night……we should get treated to two more beauties this weekend……Wake up Rich, cut the cord !!!!

  3. Richer Slapper Says:

    What’s with the proud affiliate of the Flyers propaganda? Drop that if you want Devils and Rangers fans to attend games.
    Is Wedgewood scheduled to start Saturday night?

    • Mash Says:

      There is no set rotation, wouldn’t have any idea until after the morning skate.

      • Richer Slapper Says:

        thanks Mike. When you know can you plse post or email me?

        Trenton can use any fans they can claw up Bob. It’s been a ghost town at games this season.

      • Mash Says:

        I didn’t attend the skate, so that info probably won’t be out until 5 or so…

  4. BOB T Says:

    Yeah, Mike, hop to it, get right on whether Wedgewood starts in goal RIGHT AWAY for those droves of Devils fans who’ll flock right to the SBC when they find out he’s in goal……..ya know, just like they did for 5 years around here…..that’ll work……………..

  5. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    In those 5 years how many top prospects were actually sent to us? Btw, Im so glad all those Flyers fans came back to help our attendance…Oh wait..Still a sea of green seats.

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