Wedgewood Set To Return Tonight

Scott Wedgewood, clad in new mask, is set to return for the first time since his Nov. 9 injury (Photo: Mike Ashmore)

It looked like business as usual for Scott Wedgewood at Friday’s morning skate.

Wedgewood, wearing a new plan white mask, was a full participant and showed no ill effects from the head injury he suffered in a collision with teammate Andrew Conboy on Nov. 9 against Reading.  He is expected to backup Niko Hovinen tonight, and may start tomorrow.

“I got to get on the ice on Monday and Tuesday for half practices, and the last couple days I’ve been going full out,” he said.  “I’ve been fine, I’m back to normal.”

Wedgewood did experience headaches and “discomfort” in the time period immediately after his injury, but was never diagnosed with a concussion or anything specific.

“We had some doctors look at me to make sure I was up to par before getting out on the ice,” he said.  “Especially with the way concussions are going now, you have to be extra cautious.  I had to miss two more games than I wanted to, but it’s better to take that extra two days than have it linger around for two more months.”

In eight games, the 20-year-old top goaltending prospect of the New Jersey Devils has posted a 4-3 record with a 2.62 GAA and .910 save percentage.  His next game will be his first with his new Masked Marvel brand mask, which he says was a planned change and had nothing to do with the injury.

“I’d love to (play tomorrow),” he said.  “I haven’t heard the word yet.  It still has to go up top and everything has to be cleared.  But I’ve talked to Vince, and I feel fine and he knows that.  It’s a coaching decision as well as it is a personal decision.  But I gave him the OK that I’m good, and if he feels comfortable, hopefully I’m back in there and can get my feet back under me.”

As for that new headgear, it remains unpainted, but that should change soon.

“I’m going to wear it this weekend and hopefully get in one of these games,” he said.  “Hopefully I can talk to somebody about (the mask getting painted) and fire off some ideas, see what gets approved and see what gets put on it.”

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