Catching Up…

— Have been off for a few days, but things sure don’t stop on my account…

— First, the Flyers changed Luke Pither’s assignment, first calling him to AHL Adirondack in a paper move, and then assigning him to the Wheeling Nailers.  Pither, 23, scored two goals and one assist in 11 games for the Titans, but it became clear from talking to people with inside knowledge of the team that he simply wasn’t fitting in.

It sends a clear message that regardless of affiliation status, the Titans are doing everything they can to put together a winning formula in the room.  And those type of moves may not be done.  There was interest in Pither shown by a CHL team, but this likely is the best move for him.

And for anyone comparing this to the Lenes/Southorn “trade” last year, well…no.  While there were some off-ice issues involved in that one as well, that was a trade…this is an affiliate changing a player’s assignment.

— The Nailers also added forward Matt Germain, who had been a free agent ever since the Titans released him in training camp.  Germain tallied 24 points in 63 games last season.

— The Flyers weren’t done shaking up the Titans roster.  They re-called forward Jason Akeson to Adirondack and sent down forward Andrew Johnston (left) and defenseman Matt Konan.

Akeson, who led the Phantoms in scoring last season, didn’t exactly light the league on fire like you would have expected, and he had some glaring holes in his defensive game that likely led him to getting sent here in the first place.  In 14 games, he scored just two goals while adding eight assists.  He’s likely to re-join a line in Adirondack with Sean Couturier.

Johnston is in his first professional season, and had scored one goal in his first ten games with the Phantoms.  Konan is still looking to make his pro debut after rehabbing an injury.  The 21-year-old was a prolific point producer in the WHL with Medicine Hat, posting nine goals and 45 assists last season.

– Trenton also released Pier-Olivier Morin for what feels like the third or fourth time by now.  Morin scored one goal in five games with the Titans, but was a minus-4.  The Titans also released Eric Swanick as their emergency backup goaltender, which doesn’t mean a heck of a lot until Scott Wedgewood actually dresses for a game.

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3 Responses to “Catching Up…”

  1. BOB T Says:

    For a Franchise just over a year old, there has been a lot of “bad guys”, “guys who just don’t fit”…..Southorn “bad GUY” Lenes “just doesn’t fit” Phillips “real bad guy” Hostetter “bad guy” Pither “not wanted around here, doesn’t fit”
    What is a TRENTON TITANS type of guy/player Vince?? you’re pretty picky for a losing percentage coach…..
    By the way…Akeson last night first game in the AHL at the next level, 3 assist in a 5 – 1 Phantoms win….difference was, when Matt Donavan creamed Akeson, Shane Harper went right after him and stood up for his teammate….didn’t see much of that around here when Akeson was getting targeted on a nightly basis…..

  2. Mash Says:

    Without directly referring to any specific players you mentioned, I have no problem with a coach attempting to weed out the bad apples. If it doesn’t translate on the ice, so be it…but I have zero problem with a coach trying to set a winning tone off the ice.

  3. Titans04 Says:

    I’ll refer to names:

    Lenes/Southhorn – salary dump dictated by the owners at the time f Front office was told operate well below he cap limit at that time and going forward. (Our beloved assistant coach at the time also had a huge issue with Southhorn). Coincidently I guess Southorn was not offered the opportunity to return to Wheeling after last season.

    Hostetter – has he proven either this year or last that he is anything but an average at best ECHL defensemen and therefore as a result should not be exempt from sitting?

    Brad Phillips? Really? Bad goalie the Flyers had also seen enough of last season. Currently out of hockey at this time and who was let go by Ontario without even seeing a minute of ice time unless we are counting a couple days of practice.

    Not backing up Akeson was a huge issue and the hope is Kelsey Wilson helps rectify that going forward.

    Are there still ongoing valid concerns – absolutely and again nobody should get a free pass regardless of past history, affiliation etc.

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