Game 9: In-Game Updates


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END — Reading 1 – Trenton 0

0:00 left — Trenton has a goal overturned due to a high stick in a netmouth scramble…impossible to tell much from our vantage point here, which is in the corner at the other end of the ice.

4:11 left — The Titans can’t execute on a 3-on-1, and Wedgewood bails them out the other way by denying Tifu with a huge glove save…

5:50 left — Wedgewood keeping Trenton in this…Titans can do nothing about Royals finding WIDE OPEN passing lanes on the PP, and then two men get down low later on, but Wedgewood somehow denies Jesse Todd in tight.

7:57 left — Wedgewood run again while playing the puck…nothing called, nothing done.

10:00 left — Bohmbach tries to dive and break up a 2-on-1 that started in the Titans offensive zone rather than skate back and even it up…leads to a big chance for Ethan Cox, and Wegdewood just got enough of his glove on it to make the save.

11:28 left — Two fights, three players…Andrew Conboy and Alex Berry drop the gloves after a whistle, and then Conboy and Patrick Wellar attempt to have a go.  Should be interesting to sort this out.  Berry took down Conboy, which riled up Reading’s crowd, but Wellar gets the extra 2.

13:23 left — Morin takes advantage of a turnover and is all alone in the slot, but fires a wrister into Grubauer…Titans picking it up in the second, but can’t get any sustained offense going.

14:59 left — Mitch Versteeg finally delivers the first big hit of the game, drilling Denny Urban in the defensive zone corner.

18:34 left — Andy Bohmbach has had a rough last few games…after the Titans drew a power play, he took a very ill-advised shot from the right point with a Royals player right in his lane.  Once the puck caromed off that player and past Bohmbach, he then tripped the Royals player, which negated the power play early on.


END — Reading 1 – Trenton 0

2:00 left — Blake Kessel with a nice read on a telegraphed Denny Urban neutral zone pass…skates in 1-on-2 and fires a wrister on Grubauer, who makes the easy stop.

4:35 left — More sloppy play at the blue line leads to a Royals chance…Mitch Versteeg had the puck at the right point, but Mike Banwell was tapping his stick on the ice at the left point…the pass was nowhere close, and Kirk MacDonald juuuuust missed the far post on the rush up the right side.

8:00 left — A lot of dump and chase so far by Trenton…hasn’t been particularly effective.

10:30 left — Most of the play has been in Reading’s offensive zone so far.  Titans not doing much of what they said they would last night…nobody strongly finishing checks, no real buzzing around the net, etc. 

13:30 left — Continous traffic in front of Wedgewood, leading to a lot of contact with him…nothing called.  Perhaps Trenton should try a similar approach…

15:15 left — Huge netmouth scramble, Wedgewood never completely recovers, and Tifu scores…1-0 Royals.

16:55 left — Brett Flemming had the best chance on the Titans power play…with the puck in the neutral zone, Jason Akeson inexplicably lost coverage on his man, and Flemming was allowed to cut to the net for tip pass play, but Wedgewood made a big reaction save.

17:59 left — Titans go on the power play and have a great chance down low, but Ian Slater has no angle and the puck trickles harmlessly through the crease before a Royals player gets knocked into the net. 

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3 Responses to “Game 9: In-Game Updates”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Another bad one, starting to be a trend at this point. Plenty of blame to go around with Wedgewood being the exception.

  2. BOB T Says:

    Different ownership, dedicated to winning…different roster, no FHLers, seriously, a pretty talented group, this team is LIGHT years better than what we got presented with on a nightly basis last year……YET……we are seeing the same type of lackluster, seemingly unprepared and unable to adjust to another teams changes in philosophies, even though we have more talent ( Toledo, c;mon, Reading, they have no Noebels or Akeson types on that club) so there really is only one thing that connects this years team to last years………sorry, loved the guy when he played but I think VW is overmatched at this level and as I see it he’s the only common denominator connecting this years similarity to last years sloppy, uninspired, downright confusing play……

  3. chiarams Says:

    Have to say I agree completely Bob. This is a far more talented group of players than last year, but the inability to follow any sort of offensive system (is there any actual system?) is on the coaching staff.

    Vinny was a heckuva defensive defenseman, but I don’t see him imparting a whole lot of offensive ideas into this group. At some point I’d think the Flyers would step in and assist, since the longer this season goes on, the less growth (negative growth?) their players achieve.

    Guys like Bohmbach, Akeson, Noebels, etc. should be lighting things up at this level and they look completely overmatched by inferior teams.

    The sheer fact that a total hack like Larry Courville is outcoaching Vince at this point speaks volumes.

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