Game 8: Post-Game Notes (Updated With Quotes And AUDIO)

UPDATED — A few quick thoughts, then some quotes…

I’m going to have disagree with Vince Williams.  There really wasn’t anyone who I could say looked really good last night…there were some guys with some nice moments, but did anyone really put together a complete 60 minutes last night?  Not really.  It was a bit of a collective clunker, and while a few guys stood out on the negative side of that — Ray DiLauro and Andrew Conboy come to mind — there wasn’t anyone who I felt like should have been called out for having a particularly strong effort either.

I did think that Connor Goggin was solid…no better or worse than any of the others, really…but he had a big hit in the D zone and stepped in admirably.

Here are some selected comments that you didn’t see in the paper from Williams, Niko Hovinen and Ray DiLauro


“I think we had two power play goals, and they had all 5-on-5 goals.  We got outworked 5-on-5.  Now we’ve just got to come out tomorrow and be even better than we were supposed to be tonight.  We’ve got to come out and run all over right from the opening draw and let them know that we’re going to be here and it’s not going to be an easy week for them.”

“I understand why they (schedule it this way), because it saves both teams on travel and stuff, but they can spread out the games a little bit.  But we don’t have control over that.  You’ve just got to look at it like a playoff series.”

“Things carry over, just like a playoff series.  I’m sure they’re going to come just as hard.  If they’re pissed about a certain hit or if we were pissed about a certain hit, I’m sure at some point tomorrow it’ll come out and someone will try to get a hit back.  It’s going to keep carrying on.”

“You don’t want to use (the hurricane) as an excuse, but we didn’t practice until Wednesday, and we were way over in Voorhees, so guys had to drive here and drive there and everywhere.  These guys had no power in their apartments until yesterday afternoon, I don’t think.  Guys were five days in the cold with no power and no practice.  It’s not an excuse, it’s not why we loss, but it doesn’t help the prepare the best that we can.”


“I got a slap shot (on 10/17). I couldn’t see, I had two guys screening me.  I was kind of looking from the side.  It hit me right in the throat, and the doctor said ‘mild concussion.’  It kind of knocked me out for a while.  I was out for probably a week, I couldn’t do anything.  But I’d been practicing for almost a week and a half now.”

“(Getting hit in the mask tonight) didn’t hurt that bad.”

“I’ve got hit to the throat before, just never that bad.  It was kind of scary.  But once I got back, I knew I can’t be scared out there.  I’m over it, I’m not thinking about it that much.”


Click here for downloadable audio of our chat with the Titans head coach.

I’m thinking you’ll want to see this…

For now, here’s a link to my game story in The Trentonian.  I’ll have full quotes and photos and so on later tomorrow…didn’t get back to backup blog headquarters in PA (a.k.a. girlfriend’s house) until 1:45 in the morning after a lengthy train ride, so it’ll have to wait…and nobody’s up now anyway, right?

I will be in Reading for the game tomorrow…uhhh, later today as well.  That coverage will be blog-only.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Game 8: Post-Game Notes (Updated With Quotes And AUDIO)”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Look, this team was “chasing” all night because again an absolutely horrible nite of officiating, Jablonski was atrocious, he was out of position all nite to make any calls, and the NO 2 min INSTIGATOR on Reading in the Slater fight was a COMPLETE JOKE…and that’s when V W snapped and rabbit ears then gives a bench minor…the PP’s were ridiculously skewed and that messes up your line rotations…
    I agree with you Mike, no one played well, but I really liked what Goggin bought to the table..I really liked what I saw from him…
    Now a real beef with last nite, and very much like last year which I didn’t like….Reading was RUNNING Akeson ALL NIGHT, and no one stepped up, other than Bombach and that’s not his job, Akeson is your best player, PROTECT HIM VINCE…..or their gonna kill this kid, he can’t take the kind of beating he took last nite or he won’t be around long…..and he’s a legit AHL player playing in the ECHL and will dominate all year, if he’s not on the IR……

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