McKelvie, Young Returned To Albany

Will update this once this hurricane dies down, but just wanted to let you guys know that both Chris McKelvie and Harry Young have been returned to AHL Albany.


2 Responses to “McKelvie, Young Returned To Albany”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Well can’t see Harry as a forward even at this level so good luck to him up there if they’re insisting he plays up front. Would love to see him down here as a dman. I think we’re starting to see signs that our D may have some holes in it. Don’t think Harry skates well enough to play forward, period. Didn’t have much of an opinion on McKelvie, can’t see either of these guys playing in the AHL while the lockout is still in play. Guessing one or both could be back. Thinking there’s a shot at Berube coming here once he heals up.

  2. BOB T Says:

    Well Trenton Titans fans who have been fretting about the lockout and the trickle down effect impacting your Trenton Titans this year…I can ASSURE YOU that by the time you plop in your seat for Friday nights game vs. Reading, the NHL season 2012-13 model will be except for the actual final nail in the coffin, all but certainly FINISHED…Once these owners lose their cherished WINTER CLASSIC (which will cost the owners 350 million plus, not counting the exposure on national TV as the leagues signature event, which you can’t even put a price on via merchandise, etc,,) their master plan which was to lock the players out, get all they wanted CBA wise and get their golden egg WINTER CLASSIC…..and they based it on the players CAVING….!!! but the players are rightly being resolute, and being the spoiled entitled brats that they are, now that the owners aren’t getting all they want, once this CLASSIC is canceled, they’ll just tank the season, again hoping that the players will cave after losing a full years salary…..JUST LIKE LAST TIME….so enjoy your beefed up, fun, talented Trenton Titans roster, I as a 45+ yr. hockey player, coach, scout and most of all fan will relish in watching this team go on an extended run !!!!
    And to big ears Bettman & his merry band of lockout-happy entitled owners..I could care less if you come back next year either, but if you do…..I can ASSURE you of this, no NHL games attended, no CENTRE ICE package, no MERCHANDISE……you’ve ruined and made the sport I love a laughing stock and you’ve lost me….ECHL, maybe a trip to Hershey or Binghamton for an AHL game, some Princeton hockey and the ECAC tourney in Atlantic City, which is something I highly recommend, it’s a great weekend of hockey….that’s good for me GARY !!! Over 45 yrs. I was playing, watching hockey before the Flyers even existed, 45+ years GARY and I’m good without what you’ve turned into a Mickey Mouse league……

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