Game 7: Post-Game Notes

— There isn’t too terribly much that I can tell you here that you can’t find in my 1,200 word game story in The Trentonian. You can find quotes in there from Scott Wedgewood, Vince Williams and Walleye goalie Petr Mrazek. 

Deadlines were early today, and the story didn’t make print…so a lot of the info you’d ordinarily see on here due to print space issues is in there.

— You’ll see that Williams wasn’t real pleased with the officiating tonight, and sure was hard to fault him for anything he said.  Ryan Murphy called 14 minor penalties tonight, but one that won’t show up on the scoresheet was particularly questionable…he awarded Willie Coetzee a penalty shot early in the first after Marcel Noebels very clearly got all stick in an attempt to break up the play.  Coetzee scored on Wedgewood, and the Titans were never really able to turn things around after that.

— A large theme in my game story, as you’ll see, is the rematch of Scott Wedgewood and Petr Mrazek’s 2012 World Junior Championship contest.  It would be hard to argue that both goalies have an excellent chance of making the NHL — Mrazek is Detroit’s fifth-best prospect according to Hockey’s Future — so to see that kind of goalie matchup at this level was quite something.

— The positives in a 5-1 loss?  That it isn’t last season.  Last season, a 5-1 loss would be expected.  Now, you’re left wondering why they didn’t win instead of trying to figure out a 20th way to write a “they lost” story.  This seems like a departure from the norm.

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5 Responses to “Game 7: Post-Game Notes”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way first….the officiating was embarassing, Noebels made a great recovery and just lifted the guys stick, a JOKE…and then it got worse, that over-officiating clown did the worst thing you could do…he made the game about HIM….disgraceful……

    My problem is with VW…what is he doing with Pierre Luc Sebastien Benoit Pepe Olivier I’ve been recalled/released one hundred times playing my first pro game Morin on the 1st line/1st PP unit in a 1-0 game after the line of Akeson/Bombach/ and McKelvey (replacing Conboy who they really missed tonite, obviously that shot he blocked with his foot Fri. nite flared up) was dominating the first couple shifts of the game?? I don’t get it, the kid has some jump, he wasn’t bad, but he doesn’t belong with Akeson & Bombach..I really question VW a lot with his thinking, his strategy of pulling the goalie last year was laughable, twice he was down a goal and got a PP in the last 2 minutes and didn’t pull the goalie with the faceoff in the offensive zone…TWICE !! Within a WEEK!! I worry about him and tonite I worried some more, to me the Morin thing is highly questionable….this team is good and can go places…but VW…I don’t know….Ahhh, they can’t win ’em all !!!

  2. chiarams Says:

    It sure felt a lot like last year – just with different actors.

    Any idea what Noebels did to earn the third star? Aside from Nagy, who was easily the most consistent guy all night, not sure anyone deserved any accolades on the Trenton side.

    That Mrazek kid is gonna be a star.

  3. TA Says:

    Puck seemed to be bouncing a lot…. and our passing was not crisp…. saw almost every pass hit skates instead of sticks…. you can blame the ice for SOME of that but not all of it. Turn page and come out hard next time.

  4. BOB T Says:

    TA…excellent observation there….I was telling my friend I was with during the game that they weren’t playing well, and they weren’t getting any breaks either, the bounces weren’t going their way….one of those games……..MAYBE they gave Noebels the third star for his excellent defensive play when he caught a guy on a semi-breakaway from behind…deftly lifted his stick, and prevented a premium scoring chance (caused by a bad bounce on a pass to the point, by the way)……..oops, I forgot….some over=officiating MORON called THAT a PENALTY SHOT !!

  5. Mash Says:

    We did not vote on the stars…DiLauro would have got my third star until the empty netter…but then it would have shifted to all Toledo players.

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