Game 7: Pre-Game Notes

6:45 PM — Petr Mrazek in goal for Toledo as expected.

Titans lines…




5:00 PM — Here’s some quick notes since I need something to fill space on here…both Andy Bohmbach and Marcel Noebels have tallied a point in each of the Titans first six games.  Trenton’s .833 win percentage in six games is second only to Cincinnati’s .875 mark, and they’ve only played in four games (they’re 3-0-1, and I’m assuming the league calculates it as a possible point percentage and not a winning percentage then).  Bohmbach leads the league in assists (9) and is tied for second in points (10).  Scott Wedgewood is tied for the league lead in wins (4).

3:35 PM — Also, if you missed my story in The Trentonian…Ryan Hayes will miss 2-3 weeks or possibly longer with a possible wrist fracture.  Also, it seems they’re trying to work in Niko Hovinen slowly…

2:45 PM — Been at the rink for about a half hour now, and any thoughts of having a quiet workspace to get stuff done were quickly snapped by seeing yet another junior game here…complete with accompanying music for the 20 people here.  Yippee.

Anyway, a few things…no real news as of yet, but I’d expect Scott Wedgewood to start again based on what Vince Williams told us yesterday, and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Petr Mrazek between the pipes for Toledo.

Also, I heard a LOT about my comments and tweets about the ice yesterday…ultimately, it was not a problem.  But…you tell me if this looked promising…

Anyway, I’ll have full updates today…and, assuming I don’t fall asleep cuddled up with my laptop given that I’d been up 33 straight hours like last night, I’ll actually have post-game notes at a reasonable hour, too!

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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