Hovinen Update

— WordPress has had some serious issues with adding posts lately, so let’s see if I can sneak this in.

According to the Flyers, Niko Hovinen has a “neck/whiplash” injury, is day-to-day and will be re-evaluated this weekend.  As I previously reported, he did not travel with the team.  Matt DiGirolamo will be added as the Titans backup goalie, which I had on Twitter yesterday but could never get on here.

The “neck/whiplash” diagnosis is interesting…it seemed more like he got caught flush by the shot and that his head never really snapped back, but I only got one chance to see it live so maybe I’m wrong.  Either way, if it isn’t a broken collarbone…which was certainly the fear with the way that looked, Trenton has dodged a major bullet.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


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