Game 3: Post-Game Interviews

There’s some stuff that I got from DiLauro and Bohmbach that aren’t going to be on here…so I’ll add that in a bit.

Bohmbach — “It’s nice (to start out 3-0,) it’s definitely a lot better.  The guys are more confident, and everyone’s happier in the locker room.  It’s a better locker room.  Guys are talking.  It’s definitely a different feel from last year, and hopefully we can just keep it going.”

DiLauro — “(The confidence) is good, really good.  We still have a long way to go.  We’re doing well now and we’re 3-0 now, but we still have a long way to go and to build on here.  There’s still a lot of mistakes going on in the game and whatnot, but we’re winning.  Our goalies are playing great, our D is too and our forwards are scoring.  It’s a really good start to the season, and hopefully we just keep on moving forward.”

“We had a lot of call-ups last year, and we were playing so many different guys on different nights.  This year, we had a training camp together and everyone’s healthy to start the season.  We can start with our team game, and everyone knows what we’re doing defensively, everyone knows what we’re doing on the power play and this and that.  And that’s pretty good, whereas last year there were new guys coming in every day and it’s hard to get everybody on the same page.  Some days we were shorthanded, and we were playing a lot.  Right now, we’ve been fortunate.  It’s only three games in, but you just keep playing your shifts and don’t overexert yourself so much and just keep playing.”

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