Game 3: Post-Game Notes

— My game story, with lots of quotes, can be found here

— The big story, unfortunately, was the injury to Niko Hovinen that happened at the beginning of the second period.  Royals defenseman Julien Brouillette, already called back up to Hershey this morning, stung the Finnish-born netminder with a high, hard slapshot that caught him up high near his left collarbone. 

Hovinen went down, stayed down and eventually gingerly skated off the ice with the assistance of trainer Scott Stanhibel.  He did not return to the bench, and was not made available to the media after the game.

— As his teammates were boarding the bus, Hovinen sat in the training room with his left collarbone area wrapped.  Vince Williams indicated that Hovinen would not travel with the team, and that the team would have to bring in another goaltender for their road trip.  Feasible options include recently released Nick Niedert and Jody O’Neill, who had a strong camp.

— There were, of course, plenty of other things to talk about from Trenton’s 3-1 win over Reading.  I mean, this team is undefeated after three games.  A Trenton hockey team.  Undefeated.  Can you believe it?  It felt like previous years’ teams lost before they’d even played.

There are quotes from Andy Bohmbach, Scott Wedgewood and Ray DiLauro in the paper…and I’ll pass along some of what you didn’t see later today.  Wedgewood was outstanding in his relief effort, putting together a strong effort under tough circumstances to get his first home win.

Wedgewood may have to carry the load for a while depending on how long Hovinen is out, and if yesterday’s performance is any indication of how he’ll handle that, the team should be fine.

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3 Responses to “Game 3: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Tom Malloy Says:

    I came into the season thinking extra lockout players would be great, But now that we’re winning I’m starting to dread the lockout ending.

    I know Rich and the folks in the front office worked so hard in the off season to put together something special.

    The winning is great, but it just feels like we’re riding the lockout gravy train, and now I’m starting to resent it. I feel like its only a half victory and not as sweet as it would be had we have our true lineup..

    But I guess in the long run a win is better than a loss no matter who’s wearing the Jersey. But it would nice to see Rich’s team playing on the ice.

  2. TA Says:

    Talk to us, Mike… it is game day. Who is our back up?

  3. BOB T Says:

    They bought in Matt DiGiralamo from Ambler, PA as an emergency backup until they get back from this road trip and can sort things out with Hoivenen’s injury and how long he’ll be out…and Tom, don’t worry about the lockout ending and ripping the team apart, I have many, many friends who work in the NHL as scouts, player development, and this thing isn’t ending this year and might not get settled in time for next year!! And as a life long hockey player/fan who started playing this game that I love at age 6 in 1963, and driving 45 minutes to Princeton to have an ice surface to play on before the Flyers even existed and it was the original 6…I could give two flyin’ you know whats if the NHL comes back…I hope I get to watch this Titans team as constructed now all year, it’ll be fun and a good, long ride !! Let’s just enjoy it…Tired of big ears Bettman and his lockout happy owners dictating my hockey experience each year, and IF they do come back, NO GAMES, NO CENTER ICE TV PACKAGE, NO MERCHANDISE NOTHING !! take note of that dumbo ears Bettman !! I know it’s just lil’ ol’ me but this lil’ ol’ me has been almost a 50 year hockey fan and you’ve lost me, and I’m not kidding…ahhh, feels good, I vented………LET’S GO TITANS make it 5-0 in Cincy tonite and back home for a double-dip with Toledo….

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