It’s Season’s Eve…

— My level of “busy” over the past two days has been unreal.  Between doing media day yesterday afternoon, the Yankees ALDS game last night, an MSG event this afternoon and the ALDS game again tonight…I’ve barely had a minute to breathe, and I apologize for the lackluster updates on here.  I currently update you from my perch in the Yankees press box…so, without further ado…

— First, here is my story on Ray DiLauro being named captain, with additional quotes and info on assistant and alternate captains.

— Secondly, and I’m using a technical term here, but the team made a buttload of moves yesterday.  Oh, he spelled “boatload” wrong.  No.  Buttload.  Defensemen Gentry Zollars, Marcel Alvarez and forwards Pierre-Olivier Morin and Sergei Sentyurin were released outright.

Goaltender Jody O’Neill was released from his tryout deal so that he could sign a standard contract, meaning that he’s made the team and will backup Niko Hovinen on opening night.  Also, forwards Drew Akins, Jacob Drewiske and defenseman Ryan Grimshaw were placed on reserve while forwards Alex Beauregard and Jim McKenzie will begin the year on the 21-Day IR.

Nothing particularly shocking there…the Devils goaltender hasn’t materialized (yet), but perhaps Grimshaw not starting on the active roster is a bit of a surprise if anything.

— I’ll have additional quotes in a season preview piece you’ll see in tomorrow’s Trentonian, and I’ll also attend tomorrow’s morning skate as well…after that, I’ll pass along the quotes you haven’t seen yet, as well as anything I may learn at the skate.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “It’s Season’s Eve…”

  1. BOB T Says:

    Wow Mike, I’m really surprised you are so high on Grimshaw….I watched him a lot, talked to numerous scouts about him, and the general opinion, and mine also, is him being on an ECHL roster is a stretch…..we will see…as I’ve posted before I’m shocked that Armstrong isn’t on the team but Grimshaw is, I know how much the Titans scouting staff liked him…..remember this name though…Marcel NOEBELS……future NHLer !!!!

  2. tdevils Says:

    With all due respect, of course, “perhaps Grimshaw not starting on the active roster is a bit of a surprise if anything” isn’t really being “so high” on a guy. I just know they like him and it wasn’t a fluke that he got a shot in the AHL last season either.

    I didn’t see enough of Armstrong — or Grimshaw, for that matter — to really give you a solid assessment of either.

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