Quick Recap Of Media Day

— So, I’m at Yankee Stadium covering Game 3 of the ALDS, so I haven’t got a ton of time to do a legit blog post like I’d want to…so here are some quick bullet points, and then I’ll try to have something for you later tonight or tomorrow.

— In a move that’s been in the works for months, the Titans have named defenseman Ray DiLauro as their captain.  I spoke to him at length one-on-one, and you’ll see a story on him in The Trentonian.  I’ll try to pass along the link to that as well any quotes you don’t see in there as well…and there are plenty.

Mitch Versteeg and and Andy Bohmbach will wear the “A” as assistant captains, while Ryan Hayes and Kory Nagy will be the alternates.

— I spoke to DiLauro, Bohmbach and Niko Hovinen at length for my season preview piece, which will run in Friday’s Trentonian

— Here’s what I know about the roster…nothing.  The official Opening Day rosters were due to the league at 3 PM today, but the team is not permitted to release them until tomorrow afternoon.  Yes, I did see the Bergen Record report that Albany will send players here and Elmira, but it’s really not a formal agreement from what I’ve been told…same basic deal as last season, only a little more pressing for the Devils organization since they no longer have a primary ECHL affiliate.

As of now, Brian Haczyk is the only NJ-affiliated player on the club.

— Also, I’m running a contest over at 5FW to win some free Panini hockey cards…autographs, game-worn jersey cards, etc.  Click here for more info.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


One Response to “Quick Recap Of Media Day”

  1. Tony Says:

    The Yankees over hockey??? Bad job, Buddy!

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