Additional Cuts Made: Pallis and Hanson Gone

As it turns out, defenseman Derrick Pallis was among the Titans cuts today after all. (Photo: Mike Ashmore)

In addition to the transactions I previously reported today, the Trenton Titans have made two more cuts according to the ECHL’s daily e-mail.

Defenseman Derrick Pallis and forward Gregor Hanson have been released by the team.

Pallis was looking to start his first full pro season after finishing out last season with the Titans, for whom he played in nine games. The 23-year-old is perhaps best known in the area for having played four seasons for the Princeton Tigers.

Hanson, 24, was a Swedish forward who had previously attended Flyers prospect camp. He played in Sweden last year after four years of college hockey at Northern Michigan

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Additional Cuts Made: Pallis and Hanson Gone”

  1. Tom Malloy Says:

    Man, What happens to a guy like Hanson? Do they just had him a plane ticket.

  2. BOB T Says:

    My observations on the roster….Really strong, but that is a product of the lockout…..very surprised that Armstrong is gone, I know the Titans scouting staff was very high on him, but then again, he’s unfortunately a victim of the lockout…I’m surprised Grimshaw is still here, I don’t think from what I’ve seen at the college level that he’s even ECHL material..we’ll see……Akeson, Pither, they’ll excel here and the real sleeper here is Noebels, I think him and Tyler Hostetter (if healthy) are the two most likely players on this roster that someday could be NHLers…..a much. much improved product than what we were presented with last year, and I know that the other teams will have AHL caliber players sent down too because of the lockout, but I’m pretty excited with the caliber and mix of this roster…..

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