Titans Make Moves With Season Approaching

Although the team has not put out any official releases, they’ve been very busy over the past two days cutting down their roster.

Yesterday, the Titans received G Cal Heeter to play in their preseason contest, which was one night after Niko Hovinen’s uneven (sportswriter term for lousy) performance in the first game against Reading.  Today, Heeter was summoned back to the AHL to join Hovinen, who was also returned following his game.  So, as of right now, Jody O’Neill is the only goaltender in camp with Matt DiGirolamo having been released today.  Neither played in the preseason. 

Either Heeter or Hovinen is still likely to join the Titans before the season begins, and the possibility of a goaltender coming from another organization — possibly New Jersey — still remains.

The Titans, after receiving both from Adirondack camp, released forwards Pierre-Olivier Morin and Johan Ryd on Saturday.  Morin had played five seasons of junior hockey in the QMJHL for Lewiston and Shawinigan, tallying 190 points in 262 games.  Ryd did not register a point in three games with the now-defunct Chicago Express last season after playing four years at St. Norbert College.

On Sunday, the team let go of defenseman T.J. Miller, who carelessly boarded a Royals player on Friday night.  He earned a three-game suspension for his efforts, which he’d have to serve were he to return to the league.  Miller last played for the Trenton franchise during the 2010-11 season with the Devils.

Also released were defensemen Brodie Melnychuk and Nathan Welton.

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One Response to “Titans Make Moves With Season Approaching”

  1. Tom Malloy Says:

    I like that the team is being very aggressive with finding the right players. I don’t feel the will need to worry as much about their rosters being raided while the lockouts in place, so lets rack up the wins NOW!

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