What The Titans Have…And What They Don’t

Devils prospect Maxime Clermont could be in a Trenton Titans jersey this season (Photo: Mike Ashmore)

The list of names that have agreed to terms with the Trenton Titans this season is a surprisingly long one…

Andy Bohmbach, Adam Presizniuk, Connor Goggin, David de Kastrozza, Derrick Pallis, Ryan Grimshaw, Mitch Versteeg, Drew Akins, Alexandre Beauregard, Ryan Hayes, Jacob Drewiske, Steve Schultz, Ray DiLauro, Eric Baier, Matt Germain, Mark Armstrong, Gregor Hanson, Jim McKenzie and Andrew Conboy are all in the fold heading into training camp.

That’s 19 players for 16 active roster spots. But, if you’ll notice, none of them are goalies.

Although things may change by the time training camp rolls around, the Titans don’t have a goalie in camp. The expectation has long been that the Flyers will send a contracted goalie to Trenton, and that the Devils very well might as well, especially given that they did not renew their affiliation with Kalamazoo.

On the Flyers side, Niko Hovinen and Cal Heeter would seem to be the two candidates on the Flyers side. More than likely, it’ll be Scott Munroe and Hovinen splitting time in Adirondack, which would send Heeter down to the ECHL.

Heeter, signed as an undrafted free agent out of Ohio State by the Flyers in March, played in 69 games for OSU over the last two seasons of his collegiate career and put up his career year in 2010-11. He won a career-high 15 games and posted career-bests in GAA (2.30) and save percentage (.923).

The Devils have four goalies they need to find spots for. Keith Kinkaid, Jeff Frazee, Scott Wedgewood and Maxime Clermont are all under contract in New Jersey, and Frazee and Clermont could find themselves as the odd men out.

Frazee started his career in Trenton in 2008-09, joining the Trenton Devils at the start of the year and then coming back for the postseason. He’s been in the AHL ever since, and has earned a few call-ups to the NHL without ever getting to see any action.

Clermont spent the majority of his first pro season with Kalamazoo in the ECHL last year, and posted a 3.42 ERA and .891 save percentage in 31 games. He also got into two games with AHL Albany as well.

As of now, a Heeter-Clermont tandem would make a lot of sense in Trenton going into the 2012-13 season.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


7 Responses to “What The Titans Have…And What They Don’t”

  1. BOB T Says:

    First thing Mike, as a player, coach, scout and fan of hockey for over 45 years at all levels, let me tell you something Mike…your 5 for Writing blog is……….AWESOME !! you know your stuff ! informative, factual, insider stuff that you really should be proud of, really well done….
    Now the bad of this post, I as now an ON THE LEDGE Titans season ticket holder, I have not committed yet, I’m disgusted with the labor situation, and the Titans are an affiliation of an NHL team…the thing that will put me over the edge and not re-do my tickets for 2012-13 is the scenario you’re talking about with NJ Devils castoffs as our goaltender….Mike, I DO NOT want to see the Berube’s, Stoezs’s or any other Devils players on this team, EVER again ! they ran this franchise into the ground, it was 5 years of pure hell watching that drek they just through out there, with no commitment to winning or development. You and I know it was horrible!!!
    No more Devils…it is the FLYERS affiliate….if Clermont and Heeter come here…why would Flyers mgmnt. want Clermont playing any games that would deter Heeter from getting as much of his first pro-year experience that he needs!! It makes NO SENSE….again no DEVILS !!! their affiliate is Kalamazoo!
    Keep up the good work Mike, I’ll be checking out 5 for Writing every day…..and let’s hope we get this NHL thing straightened out, but, I’m not holding my breath……sad……

  2. titansman Says:

    Bob Kalamazoo is no longer the Devils affiliate, and what differance does it make where the players come from. I want theTitans to win no matter what. If you are on the ledge because of this, well see ya.

    • BOB T Says:

      My bad..why would I expect an team with no viable, solvent owner that is going to be propped up by the NHL in order to keep playing, if they do ever come back and play to have an ECHL affiliation, that means commitment and money…something we know from the 5 years they almost permanently ruined hockey in Trenton, that the Devils don’t have and don’t care about….so my bad about them being affiliated with Kalamazoo…..the Devils will choose to go to the vagabond route with their ECHLers…maybe we’ll get the pleasure of seeing a few more games of Myles Stoesz dogging it this year again….but he was a TITAN !! tried and true…..enjoy the 2012 – 13 season…..

  3. tdevils Says:


    Appreciate the kind words on the new venture…I would love to have some NHL games to write about as well, but hopefully that’ll end up happening later this season.

    As for the issue with the Devils, that’s understandable to an extent. The way things went down here, a lot of people are still very upset with the organization, and that makes complete sense.

    However, given the relationship that Vince Williams and Rick Kowalsky have and especially now that the Devils have nowhere to send players, I’d rather see more prospects here given the opportunity…if that means they’re under the Devils control, so be it. Specifically with the goaltending, and I’ve addressed this before, you do get into a bit of a bind with two contracted goalies if one should be needed in the AHL…but I’d rather have someone the Flyers are high on like Heeter along with someone like Clermont, who was a recent NHL draft pick.

    Regardless of who’s teamed up with Heeter — and it’s only an assumption that he’s the guy, they did give him a nice contract and I doubt they want that to play out entirely at this level — he’s going to lose some games to someone. And no veteran goalie is going to sign in Trenton without the intent of getting a good chunk of playing time…for example, Brian Stewart’s going to get a hell of a lot more time in Bakersfield than he would have here. So you’re either going to get a mid-level veteran backup type or a prospect who can develop as well. While I enjoy seeing both “types” of goaltenders, I’d rather see the prospect who’s going to get some interest and can continue to develop and possibly even push Heeter more than someone who he may not think could actually challenge him for the starting job.

  4. Titans04 Says:

    Mike, Scott Monroe is the vet goalie that the Phantoms brought in.

  5. Tom Malloy Says:

    Yeah, I don’t care if we pick up a stray player from here or there, if their good on the ice then fine with me.

    I would also assume there’s no *Great Devils Conspiracy* to somehow send players down to sabotage the Titans.

    If you keep up with the Titans podcast, its very clear that Rich (GM) and Frank (Asst.GM) know full well how the fans feel about the devils, and if that were an option being considered I 100% believe he’s taking the fans into consideration.

    But let’s face it. Players with Titans jerseys are Titans players, and players with Titans jerseys that score goals and win games makes fans very VERY happy. So the boys in the front office know that.

  6. Mash Says:

    Fixed the Munroe thing. No idea why I had Bacashihua there.

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