DiLauro Re-Signs With Titans

Veteran defenseman Ray DiLauro provides a stable presence on the Titans blueline.

The Trenton Titans have announced that defenseman Ray DiLauro has re-signed with the team for the 2012-13 season.  He marks the fourth player to have been officially announced as joining the club for the upcoming season, which isn’t a surprise as he indicated late last year that he’d like to return.

On both the hockey and business side, bringing back the 32-year-old Bensalem, PA native makes perfect sense.  DiLauro is a personable local guy who is great with both the fans and the media that the team can really market and use in the community.  He also gave a huge boost on the ice to a team that badly needed, scoring 29 points, good for eighth-best on the Titans despite playing in only 48 games.

He’s a legit number one ECHL defenseman, which is a huge on a team that a rough time on the back end last year.

Several other players are expected to be announced soon, and the team is closing in on bringing back a familiar face.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


7 Responses to “DiLauro Re-Signs With Titans”

  1. chiarams Says:

    While this is great – Ray will be a key guy to build the roster off of, I sincerely hope this wasn’t the “big announcement” you’d teased.

    I really hope they’ve got some new blood for this team in mind.

  2. LousBallsack Says:

    Great to see Ray back! I do however get the feeling that WAY too many from a team that didn’t win three games in a row all season will be back again this year and somehow different results will be expected. I will never figure that out. We here how avinny had the handicap of not being able to build his team yet if more than a VERY small number are back that line of thinking will not hold much water. We all want the best but for those that never left we have seen this fail for the last 6 seasons.

    How about aggressively going after a guy like Gallant, someone truly tough to play against?

    • Mash Says:

      I’m all for that so long as he’s solely a 10th forward type. I won’t say he can’t play, but…I don’t know if you can give that kid regular minutes.

  3. mathz Says:

    RAZA!!!!!!!! GREAT GUY!

  4. LousBallsack Says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and say we could squeeze him in somewhere in the lineup. For the last six years we’ve dressed more than one guy at a time that could easily be replaced. I would say he’s better than any of the forwards signed to date and would bring something we haven’t had since PLL.

    Instead of talking about being tough to play against …..

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